Friday 24 October 2014

EXPO Biomasa Trade Fair, Valladolid Spain
21 - 23 October

This year, Gruppo Piazzettta once again took part in the international trade fair of Valladolid, the international exhibition for the biomass sector.

Present with Piazzetta and Superior brands, the trade fair was a great success with the public, who visited the stand with its new exhibition and stylistic concept, bringing together the need to exhibit products in a clear and descriptive manner while still conveying the style that characterizes and differentiates the two brands. 

The new products on display, both the Pellet and Wood-fired stoves, gave us the opportunity to talk about the new exclusive technology: the Multifuoco System, which ensures even heat from the floor to the ceiling, with the added possibility of ducting the hot air into adjacent rooms and to different floors and for wood-fired stoves, the BCS system - Burn Control System - which allows the flame to be controlled by the remote control, ensuring greater efficiency and prolonging the duration of the wood.

The new heat accumulation system HSS - Heat Storage System - was introduced to the public for the first time. This system, by heating an accumulated mass during operation, releases the heat for several hours again, even after the stove has shut down.   

The Fireplaces, of which the company has a vast range of solutions both in terms of technology and the elegance of the cladding, were particularly successful. As well as providing the pleasure of an open fire to warm a room, our range of Fireplaces and Fireplaces heating systems can be integrated with radiators or underfloor heating systems.

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