This page describes the websites use of the personal data of its users.

This notice is published pursuant to art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 - Personal data protection code - to all users of Gruppo Piazzetta S.p.A. web services, accessible online under the homepage

The notice also complies with Recommendation n. 2/2001 adopted by the European personal data protection authority, united in the working group established pursuant to art. 29 of directive 95/46/EC, on 17 May 2001, to identify the minimum requisites for the collection of personal data online and, in particular, the means, times and nature of the information which the owner of the treatment must provide to users who connect to webpages, regardless of the purpose of the connection.

The Recommendation and a summary description of its objectives are given elsewhere on this site.


The use of this website may result in the treatment of data relating to identified or identifiable persons.
The owner of the treatment is Gruppo Piazzetta, Via Montello 22 – 31011 Casella d’Asolo (Tv)


The treatments associated with the web services of this site are located at the Marghera offices and are managed by the external technical staff of Attiva S.p.A. Via Portenari, 21/23 30175 - Marghera VENICE.
The personal data supplied by users submitting requests for information are used solely to provide the requested services and are forwarded to third parties only in so far as required for this purpose.


Browsing data

The computer systems and software procedures which operate this website acquire, during normal operation, certain personal data the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet communications protocols.

Such information is not collected to be associated with identified persons but may, by their very nature, be processed and associated with data held by third parties to identify the user.

This category of data includes the IP addresses, names or domains of the computers used by users connected to the website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) information of requested resources, the time of requests, the method used in submitting requests to the server, the sizes of files obtained in response, the numerical codes indicating the status of the server's responses (successful termination, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the user's operating system and IT environment.

Such data are used solely to acquire anonymous statistical information regarding the use of the site and to check that it is operating properly, and are cancelled immediately after processing. The data may be used to ascertain responsibility for hypothetical crimes committed against the website (cyber-crimes).

Data supplied voluntarily by the user

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of email to the addresses indicated in this site, or of messages using forms, results in the acquisition of the user's address and other personal data submitted in doing so and required to respond to the requests in question.
Specific summary notices will be displayed in the website's pages depending on the services they provide.


Apart from the browsing data, the user is free to provide his personal data in web forms or to the Gruppo Piazzetta S.p.A. contacts in requesting information and other communications.

Failure to do so may result in inability to obtain the services in question.

For reasons of completeness, note that in certain cases (not subject to the routine operation of the site) the Guarantor Authority may request news and information pursuant to art 157 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, to control the treatment of personal data. In such cases the response is obligatory on pain of financial sanction.


The personal data are treated with automated tools for no more than the time required to complete the task for which they are collected.

Special security measures are in place to prevent the loss, illicit use or improper use of the data, as well as unauthorised access.


The subjects to which the personal data refer may obtain confirmation of their existence, their contents and origin, check their correctness and request that they be supplemented, updated or corrected, at any time (for details, see art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 ).

Pursuant to the same article, the subject may require the data to be deleted or transformed into anonymous form, and may require that data treated in violation of the law be blocked, as well as oppose their treatment for any legitimate reason.

Such requests must be submitted to Gruppo Piazzetta S.p.A. by email to


This privacy notice can be consulted automatically by the most recent browsers compliant with the P3P standard (“Platform for Privacy Preferences Project”) proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium (

Every effort has been taken to make this site interoperable with the automatic privacy control features of products employed by users.

Given that such automatic control systems are not currently free of error and malfunction, this document, published at, constitutes the “Privacy Policy” of the website and will be kept up to date (the various versions will remain available for reference at the same address).


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The use of cookies by Gruppo Piazzetta, with head offices in Via Montello, 22 31011 Casella d’Asolo - Treviso I, P.IVA 00200000263, the owner of this site, is governed by the latter's privacy policy;


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b) Statistical analysis cookies used directly by the site operator to collect aggregated information: such cookies gather information on the number of users visiting the site, which pages or sections of pages are viewed most frequently, and which pages are reported as malfunctioning. The information is gathered in anonymous, aggregated form, and cannot be traced back to the individual user. In most cases such cookies expire after 400 days at most.
Technical cookies do not require permission, and are installed automatically once the site is accessed. They are not used for any other purpose.


Any cookies other than the above-mentioned technical cookies are installed and activated only following the user's express permission the first time he visits the site. This consent may be expressed generally, by interacting with the short banner notice on the website's landing page, as indicated in the banner itself (by closing the banner, clicking on OK, scrolling down the page or clicking on any item in it); or it may be expressed selectively, as indicated below. This consent is saved for future sessions. However, the user is always able to revoke, partly or entirely, his consent.


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These are used by third parties, in aggregated form (anonymised IP), for statistical analysis.
We list the names of the third parties in question, with a link to their treatment notice pages and consent forms.

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