Gas stoves

Terra Cotta 7,5 kW - 49x48x101 cm

Gas stoves The pleasure of fire and maximum practicality

GAS stoves, which are a new addition to the Piazzetta catalogue, feature a particularly efficient firebox and extreme practicality in use. They are connected to the LPG or Methane Gas system and can be turned on with a mere click from the remote control.

The main outstanding features found on Piazzetta GAS Stoves include: the refined Majolica claddings, the exclusive standard Multifuoco system, which allows forced-ventilation heating that can also be ducted, and the Aluker-lined interior, wich thanks to its light colour enhances the brightness of the flame and improves combustion. Another distinguishing feature is the ultra-fine mesh that protects the front glass against accidental contact and allows you to enjoy the view of the fire in absolute safety.