Pellet boiler

Bianco 18,3 kW - 99x29x118 cm

Pellet boiler The stove that feeds your central heating system.

The stove is equipped with an internal boiler and together with the necessary devices it can supplement the existing heating circuit, for seasonal use, or as an alternative to the traditional heating system. It can be connected directly to the room thermostat and is capable of regulating its operation so as to ensure maximum comfort, while maintaining the desired or set temperature.

It also includes an antifreeze function that prevents pipes from freezing, by automatically turning the stove on if the room temperature falls below a minimum level.

The LCD remote control allows you to programme daily, weekly and weekend operation with distinct time bands. Boiler stoves can also be connected to central heating systems with radiators or to underfloor heating systems. The ECO and Energy Saving functions are also available which respectively modulate flame power and intensity and automatically shut down and restart the stove, providing substantial fuel savings.

You can also send commands with text messages to start up or shut down the stove.