Pellet stoves

Terra Cotta 11,1 kW - 54,4x56,3x132 cm

Pellet stoves Practicality and Savings

Pellet Stoves provide an excellent and particularly efficient usage solution as well as practicality in loading and storing the fuel. The new Piazzetta Pellet appliances also have standard fitting of the Multifuoco System, an exclusive technology that is an outstanding feature of our products. In addition to the advantage of ensuring a uniform temperature in the surrounds, Multifuoco also allows you to duct heat to other rooms and, thanks to the Dual Power System, you can adjust the temperature and air flow independently for each of the rooms.

With the new standard LCD remote control, you can manage all programming start-up and shut-down functions control the temperature and keep it at the desired setting. There are two energy-saving programmes that allow you to programme operation and optimize fuel consumption.

The ECO and Energy Saving functions respectively modulate flame power and intensity and automatically shut down and restart the stove. You can also send commands with SMS text messages to start up or shut down the stove.