MULTIFUOCO SYSTEM® Uniform heat that can be channelled

Exclusive patented forced-ventilation system, which heats the surrounds with a warm air flow from below. Natural convection evenly distributes temperature levels from floor to roof, guaranteeing maximum comfort without wasting heat that would normally gather towards the ceiling.

This is a standard feature on all Piazzetta Gas and Pellet appliances and an optional on wood-burning products.
For wood-burning appliances you can also choose the electronically-controlled Multifuoco Plus System, which has the distinctive feature of a sensor in the remote control unit which enables the room temperature to be controlled automatically.

Thanks to the Multifuoco systems you can also channel warm air to other (non-adjacent) rooms, even on different floors, via a series of small-diameter, insulated hose ducts.

Uniformity in heating levels is ensured in the other rooms by the special vent outlets fitted with flow control.