HERMETIC STOVES Performance and air quality

The innovative manufacturing solutions used in making the sealed fireboxes for Wood and Pellet appliances allow you to make the most of product performance, while preserving the quality of air in the home environment.

Thanks to their perfectly airtight structure, sealed stoves do not consume oxygen from the zones where they are installed but take the combustion air directly from outside.

Sealed stoves can be placed inside all houses and even inside passive houses with low-energy consumption.

A system built in this way avoids introducing cold air into the home environment through external ventilation inlets, which are now no longer necessary.

A single coaxial pipe can also be used, which allows the intake of combustion air and simultaneous discharge of combustion fumes. The air coming in is heated by the warm, outgoing fumes in the adjacent flue, which also reduces fuel consumption due to greater plant efficiency.